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We can store your belongings for a short and long term. We have plenty of storage facilities and will look after your belongings with care. We have a range of storage and moving boxes available. Please call us and one of our representatives will be happy to discuss this in more detail.

Storage Boxes

Code Dimensions Type qty Price(£)
KTK-01 395X380X355 4mm 2 £5.00
KTK-02 473X440X372 4mm 2 £5.00
KTK-03 647X373X502 7mm 2 £5.00
KTK-04 730X460X534 7mm 2 £5.00
KTK-05 830X455X656 7mm 2 £5.00
KTK-06 1185X370X780 7mm 2 £5.00
Code Dimensions Type qty Price(£)
KT-301 310x22x250 (Archival Storage) 3mm 10 £5.00
KT-302 310x22x250 (Archival Storage) 3mm 10 £10.00
T-23 330x220x50 3mm 10 £10.00
WT-23 392x292x200 (base + Top) 3mm White 10 £10.00
KTK-304 392x292x160 3mm 10 £10.00
KTK-501 392x292x160 7mm 10 £10.00
KTK-303 440x300x325 3mm 10 £10.00
KTK-502 600x400x110 4.5mm 10 £10.00